How to get Zwift working on a PC?

dude, trying using a PC and you’ll feel my pain - after a whole winter of Zwift, stopping in April to hit the road and wanting to get back on last week, I feel like I dropped into some bizarre labyrith of frustration…if only there were humans working at Zwift

Hi @Burneside_Kid_x

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Can you give more information about your setup and what the issue is?

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thanks - so Zwift on the laptop doesn’t give me any option even choose a training route option in the way it used to. I have downloaded the Zwift app on my phone and I get the usual screen with Power Source, or Speed Sensore/Heart Rate etc (the 5 orange square options) and it tries to pair devices but goes no further. Any thoughts?

btw - I have the latest version of Wahoo Kickr Core and everything was fine up to April this year, when I last used Zwift

Can you connect the trainer to your phone using the wahoo app, update the firmware of the kickr and do a spindown calibration?

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thanks Mike I’ll give that a try tomorrow.