Zwift App will not launch on Macbook [Oct 2021] [1.18.1] [SOLVED]

I think nearly a week is enough time for Zwift to give better feedback than they have. I’m going to suspend my account and give Rouvy a try.

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Dear shooj, I love Zwift and what it does, suggesting that I roll back a security patch today…hackers out there would love to hear that. I’m sorry, I will not do that. I’ve spent a ton of $ to get my pain cave and if a piece of Zwift software is now going to hold me up, I guess it’s either another computer, or another cycling application. I’ve been praising Zwift to all my friends an relatives, and now I don’t know what to think. I’m sure you have a valid reason to point the finger at Apple, and arbitrarily decided to no longer support those with slightly older computers…I get it…it’s a money and time thing. The fact is, this MacBook Pro I have works, and works well for me. I hope Zwift team that you reconsider, and fix this problem.
Your disappointed customer


The MacBook Pro and OS concerned are still supported by Apple. The Zwift approach to effectively withdraw compatibility of their software is an ‘interesting’ tech company approach which I haven’t come across elsewhere. It’ll be even more interesting to see how it plays out.

I would like a better approach. Clearly the Zwift Tech team can “sandbox” an older mac and roll back the security update as well as any firmware updates that accompanied it to do the testing required.
I can’t do that and isolate my machine from the internet] at the same time.

Hi All

the update from Apple has affected all Macbooks from 2012/2013 with the Intel HD Graphics 4000 card

all my Pioneer DJ Rekordbox softwear went down also but they have managed to get it working again after a few days by sending a new version of the software

so it can be done Zwift

the other option is to use your Phone or Ipad in the meantime if you have one available


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I am going to give a couple more days, and if not resolved it will be bye bye zwift…


Yeah. I am pretty bummed. Every PC I’ve ever had has lasted 3 years max. This Mac on Catalina 10.15.7 (mid 2012) has lasted almost 10 years now. Doesn’t run as well as it used to, but I’m not buying another one.


I’m here to also join the party - Attempted to launch Zwift on the Macbook (Zwift computer) and no longer works.


Same here - pull your finger out Zwift!

Mac mini (Late 2012)
2.3 GHz Quad i7
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB

same here, Zwift has been working just fine for like forever…!Screenshot 2021-11-04 at 12.01.59
Please Zwift, fix it asap


Had a email Aaron K (Operations Lead at Zwift) asking to submit my Log files ,Which I did over 24hrs ago and have not herd back !!!, This is very poor customer service . Think its time for a update Zwift …Whats happing ?


Today I’ve received the email “Ride with Reggie”. I’d love to. I’d also love to join my club rides and solo training rides too. I’ve done 5 rides now without Zwift and will be closing my account unless it’s fixed before my next billing period starts. Winding back a security update isn’t the advice I’d expect from a brand leading tech company like Zwift.
Will the affected customers be reimbursed?


I’ve waited a week now with no real update from Zwift, paused my account. I’m going to try out Rouvy, as they offer a two week free trial period, this will give me time to decide which account to keep.


I BELIEVE THQT IF ENOUGH OF US PAUSE OUR MEMBERSHIPS I MAY GET THE SUPPORT FOLKS ATTENTION. I Have not had a reply from the support team since i submitted my logs, other than q message that suggested that i might want to use a different device. not a good sign.


I’d love to know that Zwift are working on this. It has been a real pain. I did try to roll back but it’s screwed up my laptop . All in all not impressed . When will this be resolved ?


Well I have finished my subscription for now and moved over to Rouvy for a while.

I managed to get last month’s sub refunded as I could not use it. I have subscribed to Rouvy for now and will see how it goes. 50 or 60 euros is a drop in the bucket for Zwift, but I feel it can make a difference to another, smaller platform.

Vote with your feet - Zwift don’t care (or give a very good impression of not caring), but another platform might make better use of your sub.


Exactly what I’ve done, suspended Zwift, moved to Rouvy, which is actually quite fun, if you sign up for a year, it works out at less cost than Zwift!


Same problem here on a MacBookAir !!

Will we ever get back on? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Same problem here. Please Swift, get your hand on this now.
Error code 23 at row 512. Crash. Cannot use it.