Zwift not pairing with Kickr & app not responding

Any help will be appreciated.
This morning I can’t get Zwift to pair with my Kickr & the app isn’t responding :sleepy:
Yesterday whilst doing my training workout the EPG mode was constantly being disabled & therefore my wattage wasn’t picked up.
Any suggestions? Thank you


Pardon the question… is this a new setup, or is it the one you have been using for a while?

Not sure what platform are you on… have you experienced an update to any S/W component since the last time paring was successful?


Thanks for getting back to me.
This isn’t a new set up & I actually uninstalled the app this morning & then reinstalled it. It then did a major update. Unfortunately the same problem is happening.
The app is installed on my laptop using Windows.
Hope that the info helps.

Many thanks

Sorry I meant to add that the app says the Kickr is connected by it isn’t picking up the signal.

I checked the Zwift app on my phone & everything was connected so it isn’t the Bluetooth connection.
Thank you

is this a Windows 10 update, it may have broken the bluetooth again. Google search windows 10 update issues, the new version 2004 has problems.

Wahoo has a number of other applications connecting to Kickr, see here.

You may want to consider giving one of them a try, and see if your trainer is paired/recognized.

No it said Zwift was updating

Oh, that is just the re-installation download/update that happens when you download Zwift for the first time or re-install from scratch.

If you can give us a rundown of your full system, that would be helpful. See this guide: Guide to Getting Useful Support

Kickr’s just had a firmware update too, so make sure you have the latest and greatest from Wahoo.

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