iPhone app and Kickr no longer pair

Lately my iPhone and kickr will not pair in the Zwift app (via Bluetooth). My utility app has the info on both my heart rate and kickr but in zwift it does not detect.

Is the utility app still connected? BTLE devices can only connect to one app at a time … so if the utility app is still running, Zwift won’t even see it.

Make sure the utility app has been force closed before launching Zwift.

The suggestion above is a good one. To take it one step further, you might have to actually remove the KICKR as a sensor from the Utility app on your phone (ie “forget” or “disconnect” within the app). I’ve found my phone can sometimes still keep a lock on the KICKR BTLE connection even if the guilty app is closed.

I’ve had that problem with the Tickr HRM … but not the Kickr.

My Kickr is always registered in the Wahoo app and there has never been a conflict, unless the app is connected to the Kickr. Force closing the app has always resolved the issue.