Zwift kickr and iPad pro

My iPad Bluetooth connects to the wahoo kickr (I can see it listed under Bluetooth decives and it indicates it’s connected) but when I open the zwift app it won’t acknowledge that it’s paired. Any ideas?

Disconnect from iPad, start Zwift, pair in Zwift App only!

I’m not given an option to disconnect it. Unlike all of the other connections to Bluetooth the kickr connection has no little blue information circle to click. It does not give an option to disconnect or forget. It’s not apparently clickable. So I’m stuck.

Sorry, I am not in the Apple environment (Win 10 and Android), so I do not know how to disconnect.
Try to search in forums.

Or perhaps just start with unplugging the trainer, checking the BLE on the iPad (is there anything like reset)???
I hope someone will be able to give more support.

Force quit the app. Double click the home button and it will iconize all the running apps. Swipe up on all apps involved with the Kickr.

Yes, tried that. The problem, then, is the ipad connects to the Wahoo Kickr before i can even open the zwift app again. Then the app refuses to recognize that its paired. Same when i turn off the bluetooth, open the zwift app, then toggle back to turn on the bluetooth. No luck. Very frustrating. Luckily it works on my phone with no issues, so at least i can get my ride in, but the font is so tiny and the screen so small, it’s not a great experience.

There does not appear to be a way to get the Zwift app to pair with the kickr before the generic ipad bluetooth functions pair with the Kickr after which point the app refuses to acknowledge the pairing and tells me to wake up the device (which has no effect).

Unplug the Kickr until after you start the app. With my former Saris H3 I used to have a serious of steps to perform in a specific order.

Didn’t work. iPad still beat the Zwift app to the connection. Even though app was open and searching for kickr before I -lugged the kickr in.

Jay - did you ever solve this? I just purchased a wahoo kickr snap and have the exact same issue.

Just saw this now. No. Sorry. Went with my MacBook and the Ant+ dongle.

Very truly yours,

Jay Turnbach, Esq.