iPad & KICKR Snap Pairing

This weekend I lost pairing with my Snap in the middle of a meetup. I have been unable to reestablish it despite a lot of troubleshooting and a support call with Zwift.

My configuration:

  • iPad (7th generation) running IOS 14.2
  • Wahoo KICKR Snap
  • Most recent version of Zwift app for IOS


  • Neither the Zwift app on my iPad or iPhone can see the KICKR.
  • The KICKR does not appear as an available device on either of these.
  • I installed Bluetooth Inspector on the iPad and iPhone – both see the KICKR using this tool.
  • Zwift does see my DuoTrap, which is connected via Bluetooth.

Steps I have taken:

  • Many, but the most significant was to completely re-OS the iPad and reinstall the Zwift app.
  • Installed the Rouvy app on the iPad. It sees and pairs with the KICKR.
  • Shut off Bluetooth everywhere but the iPad. No difference.

Has anyone else had this experience and been able to reestablish pairing? I see similar topics in this and other forums. I believe I’ve tried most of the suggestions to no avail.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @SRK_OCC Stephen,

Sorry to hear that your KICKR Snap won’t pair to Zwift any longer. That’s quite odd, but I’ll do my best to help here.

Looking at the steps you’ve taken thus far, it doesn’t seem you’ve tried a shutting off (e.g. unplug the power cord) of the KICKR Snap (for at least a few minutes) and then plug it back in.

I mention this because I’ve seen many times where a KICKR gets in such a buggy state that it won’t pair to Zwift, but after power cycling the device, it resolves the issue.

As for your support inquiry: I checked on our side and found it, so I’m going to get a response to you today. Our tech support team will keep working with you on this. Keep an eye out for an email response from our team. Thanks!

Thanks much, Steven. Yep, your folks tried to help, but no avail. And, yes, I tried power cycling several times over the past couple of days. Even left the KICKR unplugged for several hours.


Thanks for confirming that, Stephen. I noted everything you’ve tried, and I’ve taken the email you sent us, and escalated it to our Tier 2 technical support team, so we’ll keep working with you on this. Thanks for your continued patience!

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Do you have any updates on this? I’m still experiencing the same issues.

Hi Stephen @SRK_OCC

I checked and it looks like on January 31st our support team sent you an email reply with numerous troubleshooting suggestions. Can you check your email from that day, and try those things? In fact, I’ll send you another reply today, so please respond to that email (when you receive it) and provide further details.

Since the issue was escalated to Zwift’s Tier 2 tech support team, please respond to that email and our team is happy to continue working with you.

Allow me to close this loop. I’m pleased to report that I’m operational once again. I’m not sure what happened or changed. I’m willing to accept that it was operator error on my part. Regardless, much thanks to you and the Zwift team for your attention.

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Hi @SRK_OCC Stephen,

Great news to hear that things are functioning better for you now, and thanks for letting us know!

If you run into any further issues, please don’t hesitate to raise it up to us again, and we’re happy to help.

Ride On.