Can't connect my Kickr snap or HR monitor via bluetooth

Just purchased a Kickr snap and I’ve had trouble connecting my snap and hr monitor to Zwift.  One time I couldn’t connect either.  Another both connected and another time the snap connected but not the hr monitor.

In the upper left hand corner of the zwift pairing page the blue tooth has an exclamation point by it and doesn’t seem to be working.  How do I get this to turn on.  The bluetooth on the computer is on and sees my snap and hr monitor.

I believe when I can connect this bluetooth symbol in the corner is on but I can’t get it back on now.  I’ve closed the program and restarted.  I’ve turned off bluetooth on the computer and turned it back on.  This doesn’t seem to be helping.

Try to use the Zwift app on your phone (with bt turned on). I’ve found it’s a more reliable link between your trainer and zwift.   FWIW, I can’t ever get my bt connections to work when just using the bt from my computer.

Instructions for getting BLE connected are on our knowledge base. Let us know if you have other questions!

I’m finding this really frustrating too, even with the mobile app. What I’ve learned is that I need to close and reopen the app before I ride for it to re-pair all my sensors.

Still loses them again on my ride though…

@Gordon: If your devices are dropping out mid ride, it could be an interference issue. You may want to go through the troubleshooting in this article.