Bluetooth Icon on top left stopped picking up signal

Hi all,

I have the Wahoo Kickr Snap trainer and was able to connect to ZWIFT via bluetooth just fine up until a couple days ago. Now, the Bluetooth Icon on the top left doesn’t search for a signal and only shows an exclamation mark. I have to connect via ANT+. Does anyone have any experience with this scenario?

I am on a PC with bluetooth enabled.


Thank you!

I usually use the same routine to get mine to hook up. Not sure if I really need to but found that, for now, it works every time. 

With my Snap unplugged I connect my phone zwift app to zwift on my computer with my bluetooth on, and on the same wifi network.

I then plug my snap in and it connects within 2 seconds. Hope that helps.

I have the same issue, I have never had any problems with the ANT+ before but since the last update Zwift cannot find my Bkool smart trainer or cadence sensor.


A warning popped up to say Garmin Express was running would you like to close it? - I have never seen that before either and have always had Garmin Express installed on my laptop. I’m stuck!

Having same problem. I use Mobile link to connect my Wahoo kickr, Wahoo tickr via Bluetooth but today have spent 30 mins trying to get the PC to recognise the Mobile Link on the IPhone App. Tried all the suggestions, and now not got time to fiddle around. No other change to my setup, same Wifi etc. There was an update that was loaded automatically just as I opened the Program on the PC.