Bluetooth issue

When in Zwift set up, in the search field, it will not see my power source. I am trying use bluetooth. One thing i noticed i on the upper left of the screen where the bluetooth and ANT icons are, both have the triangle symbol with ! in center of it…Please help with what i need to do. Thanks in advance!

Are you using a PC or a Mac? Are you using the Zwift app to bridge the connection? What power source? 

More info is need to assist you.

Using a PC. Have the Zwift app downloaded on my phone. Just updated firmware and did a spindown…didnt change anything. Im using a Wahoo KICKR


Had a similar problem. Originally had sensors paired with pc by purchasing a bluetooth smart ready usb dongle. This wouldnt work until I removed them from my pc and downloaded the zwift mobile link to my phone. Hey presto the pc picked them up via my phone.