Pairing accessories with Zwift

Well I pulled the trigger on a Kickr Snap over the weekend. I got it all setup.

Issue: The Snap would not pair with Zwift but windows could find it. I downloaded the Companion app and then Zwift found it.

Also, my cadence/speed sensor was found as well as my HR monitor.

Are all of these things being paired to my phone via the companion app? I cannot find any information on this.

If so, are they being paired just via ULWBT?

Everything seems to be working fine but my HR monitor kicks off now and again but it did that before on my Garmin. Should I just hold stop on the companion to pause my ride or is there another way besides getting off of my bike and going to my computer? I found that if I go to the computer and search it will find the HR monitor again, just not on the companion app.

Sorry to make a long post of multiple questions.

First can you give a run down on how you are connecting the trainer to your PC.

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Ditto. To connect your Trainer to a Windows PC you need to use a ANT+ stick and preferrably on an extension lead with the stick being right next to your trainer. Using a phone and the companion app allows you to use the phone as a bridge and connect via Bluetooth smart. Very unlikely that your PC has Bluetooth smart BTW.

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I went into windows bluetooth and it paired but it still wouldn’t come up in the Zwift program. It wasn’t until I turned on the companion that it came up on the PC.

That’s what I thought…that the companion was a bridge.

Also I didn’t think that the PC had ULWBT but wasn’t sure if the trainer support regular bluetooth or not.

I did order a long USB cord and an ant+ dongle. Is that going to be more stable or is the way it’s hooked up now fine? I think it may be the HR monitor that has the issue, not the phone, but could be.

I just have to get off of the bike for the PC to recognize it again because the companion won’t do it.

I’ve got a Kickr Snap and I’ve found the ant+ very stable. Just be sure to pair it as “kickr fe-c”.

Just a heads up, we have an article on how the Zwift Companion bridge works:

From my experience using ANT+ is more reliable than Bluetooth. Also if you can, don’t use Wi-Fi for your PC to connect to the internet.

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I just hooked up the ant+ last night and it seems like it works great. I didn’t get a ride though.

So far the wifi seems okay but I’ve only got about 45 miles in so far.

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