bluetooth pairing

Hi Guys…

Zwift cant find my kickr snap. Im using bluetooth.  I can find it when i du a search with my pc. But not in zwift… Anyone WHO knows why?


 Thx Jim :slight_smile:

I believe that currently the Bluetooth function only works for power meters, speed/cadence, HR etc.  To control the Kickr/Kickr Snap or other smart trainer you still need the Ant+ for now.



i use bluetooth panobike speed and cadence sensors and have to go through my iPhone then it works with the swift program through the wifi. usually takes two attempts to get it working. also have to log in to program, hit escape when the it asked to pair up a device, then click ride and once in ride menu hit p. type in blebeta in the promo box. also click ride on your phone app, then click a on the computer program and pair up your devices and pick your trainer you have. it should work. i also pair up my topeak panobike heart monitor to it. my friend has a cycleops smart trainer that is bluetooth. he has to connect his trainer the same way as i do but he has to sync it up on the first box on the top left. believe it is the power meter box.

I’ve just received a Turbo trainer and a Fitbit surge for Christmas can you pair the Fitbit heart rate monitor (the Fitbit has Bluetooth) to Zwift?