bluetooth via Zwift mobile link - doesn't really work. pairing problematic

"Test Feature: added support for controlling a KICKR or SNAP over bluetooth via the IOS Zwift Mobile Link app. No ant dongle needed.  Please let us know how this goes if you try it.  "

have tried it 3 times and while my wahoo kickr pairs fairly seamlessly and immediate my wahoo tickr hr monitor can rarely pair and my garmin s/c can rarely pair. have tried everything but it just keeps searching. 

when finally paired it seems to drop pairing very easily before starting to ride

maybe i’m pairing the wrong way?

did manage to get everything working for a short ride but it took 30 mins of fiddling to get all paired and not drop off.

i do understand it’s test phase but i won’t be using bluetooth feature until more stable. 

no probs with ant+

Hi Jerry,

Can you make sure that no device, service, or program is accessing your HRM and/or S/C sensor? Please un-pair the devices from the phone, close all programs that search for devices, and try again.

Ride On!

hi Laszlo. indeed this did the trick. Bluetooth now working seemlessly. Question for you. when using bluetooth to control kickr and hr/sc i found the power ups and turn left/right etc could only be controlled with the iphone and not the mac laptop but assume this normal as was using the game via bluetooth on the phone?