Pairing XAND HR to zwift issue

Hi guys,

Bought myself a XAND HR monitor to use on zwift.
I use a wahoo kickr core with iphone/ipad setup with a hdmi adaptor to a non smart tv.
The XAND HR connects to my IOS devices ( bluetooth list) and als connects to the wahoo app without any issues. Unfortunately, when i try to pair the XAND to zwift befoe i start my workout, the field stays empty :frowning:

Anyone else with this problem of anny suggestions to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards!

Is there a chance that your HRM remains connected to the Wahoo app when you try to pair it to Zwift? There are very few HRMs which can connect to several applications or several devices concurrently via Bluetooth. Most of them have one Bluetooth channel and one ANT+ channel, and this channel allow it to connect to only one application on your device. Unpair it from everything that it could have been connected to (e.g., Wahoo Fitness) and try again, maybe it will help. Rebooting your device may help to kill the applications which may still be running in the background and stealing the connection.