New to Zwift.... how to get MZ-3 HRM to sync?

Hello, we just got the Wahoo Kickr Core and have been using the Zwift app on an iPad for the rides. We have a MyZone MZ-3 from a fitness gym but cannot get it to be recognized as an added HR sensor.
Yes, the HRM is charged up,
Yes Bluetooth is enabled on the iPad.
No, the sensor is not currently Bluetooth linked to another device.
I must be missing something obvious because I read an archived post where someone said they were using the MZ-3 with Zwift. Anyone else using this sensor that has a trick to get it to pair?

In the iPads settings under Bluetooth can you make sure the MyZone MZ-3 is not connected? (It shouldn’t be connected there).

Also if you use it with the MyZone app make sure you double tap and swipe up that app (properly close the app).

That’s all I could think of.

Bluetooth on the iPad is not connected to the HRM. I don’t have the Myzone app even installed on the iPad either. Frustrating, my wife is really liking the new trainer and I can’t get her heart rate connected.

Have you checked that the HRM works by connecting it to something else?

It was used frequently at a gym but that is now closed due to the virus. I have no reason to think it is malfunctioning now but can’t really check it.