MyZone MZ-3 Heart rate monitor and zwift ios

Would the above heart rate monitor be compatible? I can’t see why not as it is Bluetooth enabled, can’t seem to get it to connect! I use the zwift iOS app

Is the HRM connected to any other app/device? Bluetooth can only connect to one app or device at a time so that might be the issue you are having.

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It looks like the MyZoneMZ-3 only connects via ANT+. To connect via ANT+ on iOS, you need an adapter/bridge as detailed at the bottom of this article.

@ Jason Kay, as previously stated the myzone mz3 is blue tooth enabled, problem now sorted though!

Thanks Paul Allen! I closed down my other apps and it worked with swift perfectly, must have connected to another app!

Ive just joined Zwift and one of the first things I checked was my Myzone MZ3 HRM.

I use Zwift on my iPad and have the mobile link app on my Galaxy S7 Edge.

Zwift picked up my HR from the MZ3 and it worked a treat. I didnt need any additional gadgets or gizmos to get the devices to talk to each other.

Displayed ‘in-game’ correctly while riding, then uploaded the data to my Myzone account after I logged off.