Zwift 2/24 (1.0.10146) Bluetooth Test Ride.

(Dave Musselwhite (M70/ZBR/TeamZF/PACK/RO) #1

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Dave,

The post is just blank. Did you mean to add something?

(Dave Musselwhite (M70/ZBR/TeamZF/PACK/RO) #3

Hi Eric,

Yes I did.  Where did it go?  I wrote a short report on how my test ride went.  It included all the equipment and peripherals I used.

Looks like I’ll have to send it again.  Strange.



(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #4

Very weird! Sorry if our system accidentally deleted it somehow!

(Dave Musselwhite (M70/ZBR/TeamZF/PACK/RO) #5

Here goes.

I completed a quick 40 minute ride around Richmond using the latest release and Bluetooth connectivity.


Macbook Pro (Late 2013) iOS 10.11.3

Wahoo Kickr

Wahoo TickrX (Heartrate)

Wahoo RPM (Cadence)

iPhone 5 iOS 9.2.1 with latest iOS Zwift App installed.

The App setup was quick and easy, just turning on the Bluetooth option.

The Zwift programme setup was also straightforward with each sensor  quickly identified and linked.

During the 40 minute ride the setup worked perfectly with no problems detected via the screen.  I haven’t looked at the log yet to see how well it worked behind the scene.

If future rides work this well I can finally get rid of my Ant+ dongle and USB cable.

Good work,


(Jon Mayfield) #6

Thanks Dave, great to hear some positive feedback about this feature we’re testing.  Let us know if you keep using it for a while - I’d be interested to hear how it compares to your experience vs ANT+.

(Dave Musselwhite (M70/ZBR/TeamZF/PACK/RO) #7


I’ve just completed my second ride using Bluetooth as the means to connect my sensors. I’m afraid things did not go as well as my first ride and I list the problems below.

I had several attempts to get Zwift to detect my Wahoo RPM within the programme. It was detected in the Zwift app on my iPhone however.  I figured I could live without my cadence sensor so I started the ride.

Thing went quite well until about 30 minutes in when the resistance on my Kickr stopped varying in response to gradient changes.  The power reading was still showing on the screen and was changing in response to my effort.  The heartrate monitor worked fine throughout the whole ride.

I shut down Zwift and tried reconnecting my sensors using Bluetooth with the same results.  I then shut down and reconnected using Ant+ and everything worked perfectly.

I’ll try another ride tomorrow.