Windows Bluetooth Beta

I’ve just updated and attempted to connect my Wahoo Kickr HRM to Zwift.

I selected the BETA choice from the menu and the graphics showed the sensor was active. Mr Squirrel even asked me to wake up my devices.

I waited for a few minutes then started the Companion App on my iPhone. The menu option to use the App was greyed out until the App was running, then I could select it.

Moments later my HRM was connected as usual.

Looks like the current Beta version is unreliable so far but since it’s not possible to pair my controllable trainer and my other sensors separately (ie: Companion app AND Windows native) I’ll stick with the Companion App for now.

Wahoo HRM 10 working great.
Stages Power Meter cadence and power working great.
Elite Drivo power working great.
Elite Drivo Cadence. No reliable numbers. I need to test further.
Elite Drivo controllable trainer. Not working yet.

Thank you guys for making this work. Waiting for the controllable trainer option.

Glad it’s working for you, Gustavo Gomez. I’ll take another look when I have more time but I’d miss the trainer controllability for sure.

Cycleops Hammer Power is working perfectly (bt for power or cadence) - simultaenously have ant for controlling the trainer.
I had problems with my wahoo tickr fit (continually drops out so is unusable) - im yet to try this as only bt device though
4iiii Power meter working properly (cadence and power)

My Bontrager DuoTrap S Speed/Cadence sensor connected and worked flawlessly for 7 minutes.

My Wahoo Tickr HRM would connect but showed as ‘No Signal’

Gave it 7 minutes before switching back to the companion app.

Neither my Stages power meter nor my Wahoo TICKR HRM show up.

To those that are having luck with with BlueTooth, what type of adapters are you using.

Zwift see my cadence sensor so it look like it connect but it does not show RPM. Edit: it does work
I tried a Avantree DG40S Bluetooth 4.0 Micro usb adapter.


I will investigate more.

After some investigation I found that I had to pedal a bit longer than what I would do for Ant+.

So to confirm this BlueTooth sensor does work

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Neither Device Manager nor the ASUS website are forthcoming with that information. It’s whatever bluetooth adapter is on the ASUS Z97I-Plus. Asus just says “Bluetooth v4.0.”

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Thanks @Jim_Mattson . It will be handy if we have a list of devices people tested.

Note that from Windows “Add Bluetooth Device,” I can see the TICKR, though I didn’t pair it before riding. The Stages, however, doesn’t show up there.

I got it working, I just had to be patient and pedal longer.

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I’m using stages 3. No issues.
My elite drivo name reads differently in the computer and the companion app. The computer says Dr74. The phone app reads dr244.

The cadence is definitely not working properly for the elite drivo.

Probably not the smartest idea but used the Windows Bluetooth beta for the GCN race today in London. Absolutely zero problems for me! :ok_hand: Keep Up the great work Zwift.

As I’ve said in the past, I’d be happy to buy a recommended Bluetooth adapter, if there’s one that’s known to work.

Hi. I use Magene dual speed/cadense sensor in speed mode with btwin classic trainer for power output. It works fine with companion app but win new Windows Bluetooth beta it is detected as a power source and not as a speed sensor. So no power output is available.

@Kirill_Sapozhnikov: Can you post a screen shot of your paring screen.

I would suggest clicking on the “UNPAIR” button for the Power source and search for the speed and cadence sensor.

I’m using Garmin vector 3 PM and Bontrager HRM. I tried to use the beta BT interface yesterday. Everything seemed to connect correctly until after I turned on my Garmin 810 and launched companion, then the connection dropped. I switched back to ant+.

Today I saw that there was another update, so I tried again. Everything connected. I turned on the 810 and companion and everything was fine - until about half way through my planned workout.

While I was maitaining relatively constant power at around 200 w, the power shown on zwift started jumping between 2000 w and zero. During the entire episode the power shown on the 810 was zero. After I stopped pedaling for about 10 seconds, then started again things returned to normal. This behavior repeated several times over the remainder of the workout.

I can provide log files if that’s helpful.

I think I’ll go back to ant+ until the next update.

@Paul_Malarcher : The thing with Bluetooth is it can only talk (pair) to one device at a time where ANT+ can send info to multiple devices.

@Gerrie_Delport: Will try to make a screenshot later. Unpairing and searching for the speed sensor was the first thing I did. It didn’t find anything.
P.S. It’s not speed AND cadence sensor. It’s speed OR cadence sensor. It can work in one mode at a time.

Is there an official Zwift-recommended adapter?