Bluetooth broke with update [September 2021] [1.17.0] [Windows10] [SOLVED]


Bluetooth now not functioning at all in Zwift.

Windows 10


Yes same issue.!ble error 126

Bluetooth stopped working for me too after this update. Was riding before the update the same day, logged back in after the update and does not work. Mine is stuck when trying to pair for trainer and hr monitor. Says that bluetooth is off…


Same. No more Bluetooth. Had to use an Ant+ to connect

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It was looking so good for all of 4 hours… car crash time

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Thanks all for flagging it up. We’re on it.

So far - everyone that’s reported is on Windows 10. Is anyone using a different OS to run Zwift?
Two reports from Saris Hammer users and two reports from Wahoo Kickr Core users. Are there any other trainers this affects?

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Hey Shooj,

I just rode after the update on Win10 with Wahoo KickR and no issues. I ride with ANT+ for controllable (FE-C), cadence (pedals) and HR. BT for Wahoo power. I had no issues connecting after update and no stability issues during the ride with either BT or ANT+.

@TheBandit @Scott_D_Aucourt @Risto_Hujanen @D_Walt

Can we ask you to try something? Would you go to this Microsoft support page and download the file for
x64: vc_redist.x64.exe

This installs a Windows programming environment that’s needed to run Bluetooth correctly. We would like to eliminate the possibility that this framework got corrupted somehow on your machines. Would you install that, reboot, and see if the Bluetooth signals are found?

Thanks for verifying that, we appreciate your input.

We have HQ staff on this and most of us can not reproduce. We are still investigating why it’s happening to some and not others.

Will try later. Gotta go to work now. Delayed because of faffing earlier. Did a 1.5hr ride workout with Ant+ no problems. Hammer gen 1, tickr hr. Cadence hr pwr and erg all worked.

Working here with a Saris H3.

System - Windows 10 / BLE (no ANT+) / Zwift 1.0.80953
Trainer - Saris H3 on latest firmware 31.063
Latest install of vc_redist.x64.exe from MS installed the other day.
Knowndevices.xml deleted and all entries removed from prefs.xml

^ Way too technical for most people to troubleshoot. If Zwift relies on these shared libraries then the updater/installer needs to either perform a status check on these. Alternately, force a reinstall of these libraries.

Update: Next reboot I can’t see any controllable trainers with BLE. Back to ANT+. Frustrating.


Hello, use a bkool pro roller connected by ant + FEC C. After updating bkool does not recognize the roller.

Macbook air works with Tacx Neo 2T. Not sure if that helps

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HI @Paula_carrasco welcome to Zwift forums.

If your trainer is paired with ANT+ it is a separate issue from this Bluetooth issue.

Yours may be solved with something as simple as unplugging the ANT USB dongle from the computer, and plugging it in again to reset it.

Other possible solutions are on our Support Hub. Would you try those and see if those help?

Thanks for letting us know @Oliver_SPEED_HOUND .

So far there’s no reports of BLE breaking on anything other than Windows, and we think that reinstalling the vc_redist.x64.exe file mentioned upstream might fix it.

If this worked for those affected - please do loop back to let everyone know? Thanks.

Downloaded above file, restarted and all appears to be connecting and working now, thanks.


kickr v5 win10 here, ble connection

wouldn’t pair after update. downloaded and ran file above, rebooted, now devices pair.

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