New Windows 10 BT option - cant pair with Kickr 2016

Tried BT directly with Windows 10 to try and control Kickr 2016.Couldnt discover it. Only works with Companion or with Ant

Does you Windows 10 computer have Bluetooth 4.0 or above?

Yes. Btw tried it with CycleOps H2 as well, can see power and cadence in bt, but not the trainer. A friend tried on his PC this beta version and he too couldn’t see his NEO as BT trainer

I just tried a new Surfacebook Win10 - couldnt discover my Kickr 2017 either. It did find the Wahoo BT cadence sensor that it came with however (and I have all my other usual BT devices working with it) .

UPDATE - OK it works now. The bluetooth is 4.0 however the driver needed an update. Once it was updated and the system rebooted it can now scan and find the trainer using native windows 4.0 bluetooth.

I will test it in the next few days to see of signal is OK while riding.


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Another update - I did a short 10 minute warmup workout and it worked really well. It felt responsive, quick and smooth.

However looking at the log file, it does show some BT delays ob the anayzer tool.

I’m attaching the log file if you wish to take a look


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