Version 1.17.0 logs broke Zwiftalizer

Zwiftalizer has been broken by the update; presumably the log file format has been changed.

Thanks for letting me know about the log format change Dave. I was able to make the necessary adjustments on my end and push out a quick fix to To be fair, I completely understand that the log file format could change at any time and Zwift have been very supportive to keep the format largely unchanged for coming up to 6 years. If they could log the player’s timezone and network round trip time that would be great, thanks :slight_smile:


Users have been running into this issue for over a year Fix for Windows 10 "It looks like your Bluetooth receiver is turned off" problem (BleWin10Lib.dll error 126) - #8 by Johnny_5ivetherobot

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Hey Mike, just a quick note to say thanks a TON for Zwiftalizer. I’ll wager it is mostly thankless work, and it’s been super helpful on many occasions.

Next time I get something on Amazon I’ll try to remember to use your referral link.

Thanks a million!


Thanks for spotting this and @Mike_Hanney thank you for resolving quickly from your end! My team uses Zwiftalizer on the daily, and appreciate your work.