Windows Bluetooth Beta

(Jeremy Churcher CSSH) #21

Windows Bluetooth has been really stable for supported devices Inc treadmill. Only issue is Tacx Neo which appears as a power and cadence source in Windows but no trainer control by Windows Bluetooth. It works fine in the app via Android Bluetooth.

(Gerrie) #22

The Beta did state that trainer control is not possible yet.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #23

As long as the computer is Windows 10 and the Bluetooth adapter is v4 it should work. I think @Gerrie_Delport posted the he uses the other day.

(Jim Mattson) #24

Windows 10, onboard Bluetooth v4.0 adapter on the ASUS Z97I Plus: Zwift can’t find Wahoo TICKR or Stages PM.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #25

I know you probably know this already, but I need to post it. You need to make sure that the trainer and Stages are not connected to any other device (even your PC) or app before opening the Zwift App. It could take longer for the PC to recognizes the devices so you might have to pedal a little longer to get them to connect.

Another thing to look at might be to make sure that your Windows 10 is fully up to date and maybe look for a motherboard chipset update for the ASUS. It could be a driver issue.

(obidave) #26

I’m used the built-in bluetooth on my Surface Pro tablet last night (with no dongle or phone app), and it works like it’s in beta. Though pairing took longer than the Companion app. Zwift on my Surface Pro sees, pairs, and reads power data from my Kickr Snap trainer and I’ve been been able to ride, but it does not yet see the trainer as a controllable trainer. I guess that’s next in development. However, it’s a good start.

(obidave) #27

I found that when dealing with Bluetooth sensors, it helps to get the software (i.e. Zwift) loaded and ready to pair before turning on or waking up my sensors/trainer.

(Kirill Sapozhnikov) #28

@Gerrie_Delport Here is the screen

(Gerrie) #29

Thanks for the screenshot and the info about the sensor.

At least it look like the sensor does work, that is a good step.

I would suggest Unpair both Power Source and cadence, then while peddling Search for the Speed Sensor. It will then ask you what trainer do you have.

Let me know if you had luck. We will get it going. It is sometimes just the sequence that makes a difference.

(Kirill Sapozhnikov) #30

@Gerrie_Delport: speed sensor just isn’t found when searching for it after unpairing it from power source and cadence.

(Gerrie) #31

@Kirill_Sapozhnikov: O no… :open_mouth:

Lets think. So if you search for it as a cadence sensor it does pick up the sensor. Does it show a number in the cadence block?

Do the sensor work with ANT+? or is it not the dual sensor?

(Gustavo Gomez Bvgr) #32

Do I need to send feedback through support or writing in the forum works just fine?

Main Pair Screen:
Elite Drivo
Power needs to be paired so cadence values are shown correctly.
Pairing power alone works fine.

During ride:
Devices will not reconnect immediately after devices wake up from sleep or disconnect because of distance ex. bathroom break.
To reconnect the stages, I need to disconnect the stages power and cadence. Specially the power it seems.
To reconnect HR10 Wahoo, I need to disconnect the HR and reconnect.
It takes a while for devices to show up again to reconnect.

(Kirill Sapozhnikov) #33

@Gerrie_Delport: It doesn’t show a number and it shouldn’t as it is now in speed mode and is located at the rear wheel hub. I can switch the mode by getting the battery in and out. It won’t stop transmitting cadence data in speed mode but the data itself is just zero. It works fine via ANT+ with my Garmin, I don’t have a ANT±USB dongle to check it on PC.

(Mike Kelly) #34

I was able to pair my Surface Pro 5 and Tacx Neo Smart right from the Zwift app without pre-pairing anything from the Windows Bluetooth control panel. I have an ANT+ usb dongle attached and just unpaired power and cadence from the Zwift pairing screen and repaired power to the Neo via Bluetooth. Cadence paired automatically. I left control paired to ANT+. I also stream Spotify to my Bluetooth earbuds from the Surface Pro. I rode for an hour and had no data issues. The one thing I noticed was that graphics performance suffered. I saw frame tears and flickers every 5 minutes or so. Also when I was riding on dirt going through the jungle, the dust coming off of the riders in front of me displayed as opaque squares instead of clouds. The next day I did the same ride paired only with ANT+ and the graphics issues went away. Looks like a great start. Looking forward to adding trainer control over Bluetooth in future updates.

(Jim Mattson) #35

The trainer is connected by ANT+, since the beta doesn’t offer control of the trainer. The HRM and Stages are not connected to any other device. As I posted earlier, Windows can see the TICKR, but I didn’t pair it. Windows doesn’t even see the Stages. Bluetooth is off on my phone.

Windows is up-to-date. I did find a beta version of Bluetooth drivers on the ASUS web site, and I tried installing those this morning. No change. Zwift can’t find the TICKR or the Stages.

I’m happy to provide logs, etc. to Zwift to help diagnose this problem.

Oh, based on the beta drivers from ASUS, I suspect that this is a Broadcom adapter.

(Jim Mattson) #36

I just ordered the Avantree DG40S pictured above. I’ll report back when it arrives.

(Jim Mattson) #37

I disabled the onboard Bluetooth v4.0 adapter and plugged in the Avantree dongle. Zwift found the TICKR immediately, but lost signal from it while I was pedaling and waiting for the Stages to show up. Eventually, Zwift gave up searching for devices.

Not to be so easily foiled, I tried again. I had to unsnap and resnap the HRM to get it to come back to life. This time, the Stages did show up!

No time for a test ride tonight, but I’ll report tomorrow.

Edit: Bluetooth worked perfectly for a 2 hour ride.

(Bruno C2 Row3R) #38

Report here from using built-in Bluetooth on a Dell XPS 13 9370:

  • KICKR power meter gets detected and reports right power numbers. controllable trainer does not get picked up (only visible over ANT+). Very stable PM numbers though - zero drops, more reliable than ANT+ or via companion app.
  • Cadence sensor Wahoo RPM picked up fine, reports numbers ok.
  • Wahoo Tickr Run and Mio Fuse - both picked up fine, numbers ok.
  • Polar S3 stride sensor / footpod - found, but zero readings.

(Edward Ng) #39

I can also confirm that the Avantree DG40SA works as currently expected (cadence sensor, HRM, power meter work fine, but no support yet for smart trainer control, even though the smart trainer is being detected as a power data source). I am using the dongle to connect to all sensors other than for smart trainer control for now and using my ANT+ dongle for smart trainer control, because my Zwift Mobile Companion connection is not stable enough to rely on.


(Jim Mattson) #40

Grrr…No bluetooth at all this morning, so I was late to join the Tour of London Stage 1.

Windows now has this to say about the Avantree bluetooth dongle: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)