Xkickr bluetooth connection issues

After the most recent app update, I cannot get the Zwift app to connect to my Wahoo Xkickr. I’ve tried the following.

  1. Xkickr connects without issue to the Wahoo app. Xkickr is updated to the latest firmware.
  2. Tried Zwift app on both an iphone and ipad. Typically, I had been using an ipad. Neither are connecting to the Xkickr.
  3. Tried cycling power on Xkickr and then powering on ipad. No luck.
  4. Tried cycling power on Xkickr while zwift app was on. No luck.
  5. Tried cycling power on ipad while Xkickr is on. No luck.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot the bluetooth connection further? Would the Zwift logs contain helpful information?

Is the Kickr still connected to the Wahoo app, stealing the signal from Zwift? Make sure Wahoo is force closed, not just in the background.

Yes, I’ve powered off the tablet and/or phone. Powered it back on and just started Zwift. Still not able to connect. I don’t believe there is another application stealing the signal.

Hmmm… what about a head unit on the bike, do you have a garmin or wahoo bike computer that is connected to the trainer?

Doesn’t make sense that it will connect to Wahoo’s app but not Zwift… this is a head scratcher…

You may need to downgrade the firmware on the Kickr to the last version, numerous posts on the forums about the newest firmware not playing well with Apple devices (usually Apple TV), but worth a shot.

I have the wahoo kickr bike, so everything is built into the bike.

Not sure if I can downgrade the firmware but I can try that. The firmware was not updated when this issue started. The issue is what made me startup wahoo’s application, which then upgraded the firmware.

I’m running the wahoo application on the same device (apple ipad) as I would run the zwift app. Seems like the communication mechanism for the two would be the same, but are there multiple ways for the apps to communicate to the trainer (bluetooth or wifi or different protocols)?

on an iPad it would only be bluetooth, but you can also try bridging the signal using the companion app. You would need a 2nd device like an iphone running the companion app on the same wifi network as the iPad to bridge the signal. The phone would connect to the Kickr bike via bluetooth, so it seems like it would be unnecessary in your situation. But worth a try.