Connection problems since latest update

Hi has anyone else had problems connecting to wahoo kickr with android since the last update with the companion app. It connects ok with my iPad, I’ve tried 2 different phones un installed and re installed a couple of times. My kickr connects to the wahoo app and it connects to the zwift app on Apple TV but it won’t connect via the companion app

Same here, as if Zwift Companion App doesn’t look for bluetooth devices anymore (Android). It has worked before.
Other apps (Trainerroad, Wahoo) on my phone do pair with my bluetooth devices (Kickr Core, heart rate monitor). If I open Zwift Companion App, Nothing…

Edit: all this troubleshooting because Zwift is tinkering with Bluetooth. Downgrade to version 3.31.1

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bug confirmed, zwift android dev team please fix. several recent versions affected

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I’ve tried it with 3 different Samsung phones wouldn’t connect tried it with a huawei phone and it connected straight away

Having major issues with my companion app not connecting for the last week??? Never had issues before.
Latest version on iPhone

Same problems here with Samsung S6 tabelt as companion. With pixel 5 i got a connetion but it breaks after about half an hour.

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Come on zwift sort it out please I’m paying for something I’m struggling to use

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thanks that helped a lot, i have been trying various things for hours and this was it… Really annoying update :frowning: Bit like the good old Microsoft days ^^

Okay, but how to downgrade?!

Get the APK for the previous version and sideload it. I suspect Zwift won’t want any more detailed instructions than that posting.

thanks done as suggested and its cured my problems zwift really
need to get their house in order and fix these problems

response from support was that they released an update on 9.march that should have fixed the issues, anyone eventually tested yet?

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I just downloaded the update on my PC, and it’s crashed my game 3 times in a row in 3 tries. The client (home page after logging in) lags, and when I join a ride, it’s smooth at first but starts skipping and eventually freezing after a couple minutes. This is extremely frustrating.

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If you’re using the app on Android to bridge your trainer’s Bluetooth signal to the game - please update to Companion app v3.33.1. This patches the issue you’re having. Details here