Basic Help

Hi All,


OK well I am all setup with a Kickr and I have downloaded the Zwift Mobile Link App and Zwift onto my PC.

I am using the Free Trail at the moment.


I have done one ride but I cant find how to access Zwift Island?? 

My Zwift Mobile Link app has a menu screen with orange boxes only, Peek, profile,Feed, Search,Events,Shop and Settings… How do i get to the Actions screen with the Blue boxes??

Once you select a course how do you go to a different course… seems you have to Finish the Ride which closes the program on the PC and you have to start over??

Not having much success with this app as yet…

Any help appreciated




Here is the course schedule for this month:

You need to make sure your computer and phone are on the same network

Yes, you need to finish the ride to switch to a different route on the map or use the keyboard controls (or when you get the app to work) to make the turns you want.

Lately the app seems to be buggy for a lot of people including me.

Here is a helpful link to get you started:

Ride On and enjoy Zwift