Old load screen today?

When i logged on today, zwift struggled to connect to controllable. I had to pair it. Then, this old launch page came up. There was no place to join a group ride or workout and there were no pace partners. I just rode to wait for my workout notice to come up and it never happened. There was no way to get to a group ride today.
Someone on FB posted they had a similar issue. Is this known?


I’ve not seen this but I doubt that they’re deploying the old UI on new releases so this might be because you’ve gone install->upgrade->upgrade->upgrade->upgrade etc

I’d remove your install completely, wipe the Document folder for Zwift (back up the contents somewhere first) and then do a completely fresh install.

As far as I’m aware it’s a server side switch, people shouldn’t need to reinstall the game because we all have both UIs anyway.

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I had this when i loaded zwift on an old laptop i hadn’t used for ages, i updated zwift logged in and got the old home screen.

i logged out and the next time it loaded it was the new homescreen


Hey all, it seems to have fixed itself. I logged on last night just to see what would happen and it was all back to normal. thanks for the responses.
ride on!