Missed my group ride today due to non reactivity of Zwift

Hello all,

After today’s update it took unusually long to log in.

When finally logged in I wanted to warm up before joining my group ride. When clicking on the join button nothing happened. Next 20 clicks did not work neither. :roll_eyes::thinking:

Anyone experienced same issue?


I could not log in at all! Tried 5 times, but screen freezes. So have to ride with the Tacx software…

Done some reading in the other threads in the meanwhile and apparently they had server issues which got sorted as we speak. 

Hopefully it solves the issues properly.

Ride on.:grinning:

Tuesdays with its giant group ride events are the day we often learn about where our bottlenecks are, especially on our servers that have to cope with all the data flowing in at crazy rates.

We’ve identified some changes that will reduce the server load and we hope to have them live within the next 24 hours.

We apologize for the sluggish experience and are trying to be as proactive as possible to ensure Zwift can handle whatever we throw at it for years to come.

Not able o have the caracter in action. Still off beside the road?