Jensie Ride Server Problem?

(s mcphee) #1

I logged in early for the ride with Jensie today, and after entering the promo code the app shut down on its ownn [A report was sent to Apple]. Since then I have spent 30 mins trying to log back in to Zwift with no luck. The app does not recognize my password now, but it works to log in and post a comment. Perhaps the servers are struggling with the popularity of Jensie? Did anyone else get kicked off or find themselves unable to log in. Wish I was riding now and not typing.

(Douglas Portz) #2

i can care less about riding an event, i simply wanted to do a ride.  I can’t get on at all.  Can hardly wait for the end of the month when we get to subscribe and not be able to log on.

if their servers can’t handle a single event, how can they even consider charging for the service?

(Mikael Jonsson) #3

Sucks, agian…

(Sadao Ikebe) #4

After 10+ times try, I was able to log in, but the “JUST RIDE” button didn’t work…

Around 10 more try allowed me to log in again, and “JUST RIDE” button worked. What I see is that everyone around me in default zwift jersey with no name. I cannot hear Jensie speaking at all.

Yea, it looks that Jensie is too popular for zwift server to deal with.

I think this event contributes to zwift “load test” because it’s still in beta. I hope the production version of zwift to deal with more load.

(Sadao Ikebe) #5

If it were an ordinary online game, I just stop trying to log in, saying “I was lucky enough to waste a time on this kind of crap” and just go to bed :slight_smile: but this is zwift, I wear my bib, put chamois cream on my xxxx, shoes on, and I’m rolling and I have full of sweat on my skin, nothing on my screen… yea I feel kinda nostalgie… one year ago I was doing like this, rolling a trainer without this kind of immersive game. It reminded me old days. Great experience.

(Scott) #6

Many Zwifters have been experiencing log in issues this morning, myself included. Fortunately our server guys have been hard at work on a fix for this for months - it’s just not live yet. We were hoping Jens wouldn’t break the internet today.

Thanks for your patience as we use up our last beta credits. We’ll try and pedal a little faster!