Can't contact servers

(Andy Guo) #1

A bunch of red jerseys went by and broke the gamr. Why is this allowed to happen?

(Ted Neal) #2

I can’t seem to login right now.  Are the servers down?  I am able to login to the site to post this, but the Windows app won’t connect it seems.  It keeps asking me to login.  Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

(Jordan Gibeault) #3

Currently unable to login to Zwift servers as a whole. 


“Failed to Login - Check Internet Connection.”


Login server troubles?

(Jeff Martin ZHR(E)) #4

same here in Canada, can’t login… same message

(Knut Thalmann) #5

Same issue here. Can’t reconnect to the game either.

(W J) #6

Same here in us

(Daniel Simms) #7

Nothing here as well. Orange ball round and round we go.

(Paul Allen) #8

There are issues but they are not reporting it:

I tagged them on Twitter to let them know.

(Knut Thalmann) #9

Will Zwift reimburse us for our subscription? I want to ride today and will need to switch to Rouvy Virtual Training incurring additional cost now since I need to renew my Rouvy subscription now.

(David Gerrard) #10

I am having connection problems as well. I tried 2 computers.


(Francisco Rebelo) #11

There goes my whole workout :frowning:

(Paul Allen) #12

OK, they just acknowledged the server issues.

(Knut Thalmann) #13

Any info when the servers will come back?

(Paul Allen) #14

And, no they have never reimbursed and I don’t think they will this time, it’s just part of online gaming.

(Paul Allen) #15

No ETA given 

(Edwin Thaves) #16

Zwift just wanted to remind us that we are all suckers for paying a monthly subscription fee for what is essentially a beta product. I’ve noticed they’ve never seemed to have any trouble charging my credit card.

(Josh Holmberg) #17


(Darrell Austin) #18

Mistakes happen. Hopefully not a frequent thing. But killed my workout tonight.

(David Shirley) #19

Dead here too.  It figures.

(Knut Thalmann) #20

I agree. I am also waiting for years now of Zwift fully integrating the CycleOps Phantom 5 stationery bike. Only can ride in ERG mode. Thereby they also don’t think it is necessary to follow up regarding this topic on my post regarding this topic. Maybe you guys should check out Rouvy VT as well and terminate your Zwift subscription for a month or so to show that Zwift should not take their subscribers for granted.