Server problems?

(Tiago Toledo) #1

Hi, im having problems to connect, anyone have the same issue?

(Danilo Sv) #2

Same here…but just now I managed to login.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

We haven’t had any reported downtime for our servers. What issue are you seeing, Tiago?

(Tiago Toledo) #4

Hi Eric, i have sent you an email. But i cant connect anymore. Sometimes it didnt even open the first window where we click “RIDE”. When it apears, i can join, but it doenst alow me to join the server… i keep trying but the mesage is " failed to log in. check internet conection" . But at the same time im with youtube videos, playing music… it is not the internet conection.


I appreciate if you can help me.

Thanks very much.

(Andy Parfitt) #5

Hi Zwift  having problems with the swift account won’t allow me to sign in the server is down can you help !!!

(Andy Parfitt) #6

(Andy Parfitt) #7