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I can’t sign in. It keeps saying to check my internet connection which is fine. Everything else is working. 

same for me, app won’t and webpage half hangs

Same for me, tells me failed to login, check internet connection, which is fine :frowning:

servers problems I think, and I’m ready to ride! :frowning:

Yeah, pretty annoying :frowning:

Fingers crossed they fix it quick

Me too. Another race missed tonight. This only started this week.Web connection is fine as I’m writing this comment!

Me too! Server is down…

Same here. Ready to ride, System down. Thx Zwift!

Yup, myzwift is also down, spinning wheel of death after signing in and no data shown

Seems there are issues:


me too in Ireland

Same here ! No joy tron bike as compo ?

Me too in Northern Ireland. Come on Zwift!



In Sweden too…

Same, wish it would say there’s a problem instead of just asking for my password over and over.

Is it just my imagination or has the number of Zwifters riding at about 1800 UTC trebled in the last couple of weeks? Used to be just over 1000 average: been about 3500 this week. Capacity issues?

Back in now, and race has rescheduled :slight_smile:

Server overload problems. More than 4000 Zwifters riding today in the same time.