Can't logg in, again!

(Mikael Jonsson) #1

Last time i tried to do a workout when Jensie was announced i had to try in +20min before i got in!!! Realy disappointed that the Zwift team did´t got that fixed sins then.
This time i spent 15min on checking there product out instead (no offering Try for free 30 days)
I realy do like Zwift, but…

(Scott) #2

Many Zwifters have been experiencing log in issues this morning, myself included. Fortunately our server guys have been hard at work on a fix for this for months - it’s just not live yet. We were hoping Jens wouldn’t break the internet today.

Thanks for your patience as we use up our last beta credits. We’ll try and pedal a little faster!

(John (Chemo) Chappers) #3

I’ve had the same problem since yesterday, 04/10/15, only been able to log into my account and use Zwift once, on the 03/10/15, (really enjoyed it) but since then I can’t get access? I get the initial login and splash screens, then nothing. I’ve uninstalled the programme, cleaned my directory, reinstalled, nothing has helped, why?

(Tim Eckel) #4

I can’t login to my account from my Zwift app on Android.  Can sign in just fine from my desktop (however, it doesn’t show I’m logged in right now).