log-in Problem

(Mohsen Ghodsi) #1

 Can’t log-in this morning!


(Rachel Somerville) #2

yep me neither!

(Alastair M. Waller (C)) #3

Me neither. First time in over a year…



(Rachel Somerville) #4

I’ve submitted a ticket…  but I guess there is a wider server issue.  hope it gets sorted, I need to get on it!

(Johnny Farrelly) #5

having the same problem!


(Anne Child-Hymas) #6

Me neither🙁

(Peter Divers) #7

This is rubbish. Status says login degraded. No its not - its completely not working !!! Prime time Sunday morning in the UK. I want a discount as I wont get this time back.

(Phil Ernst) #8

Same here, missing Grand Fondo

(Gianfriz Horusgm (ITA)56(D)) #9

Can’t log also in Italy…

(Phil Ernst) #10

Not correct of Zwift not announcing these troubles like on Facebook or whatever,…

(Eric Möller BRT) #11

Same problem here, missing out on race🙁

(Mykola Barynov) #12

same in Czech Republic…

(Dragos Checiches KISS (C)) #13

Same in Switzerland, clearly a wider issue. Thank you Zwift for taking my subscription but not providing the server upgrades you need to sustain such high attendance events.

(jeroen reniers) #14

can’t  login here, there go my precious time

(Rob Tottle) #15

I thought I was the only one, annoying as hell as I needed today’s Fondo to get the opportunity to enter the competition 

(Gerhard Vincenz) #16

Same Problem, located in Austria

(Sven Behrens) #17

good to know before I have started to spend the monthly fees

same shit as everywhere: they collect the money and there is no support…

(Michael Wenzel) #18

Kann mich auch nicht einloggen!! Deutschland/Bayern! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Dragos Checiches KISS (C)) #19

now the US servers will be overloaded with EU attendance :slight_smile:

(G rant P) #20

Logged in fine earlier but for past hour no luck. :frowning: