log-in Problem

 Can’t log-in this morning!


yep me neither!

Me neither. First time in over a year…



I’ve submitted a ticket…  but I guess there is a wider server issue.  hope it gets sorted, I need to get on it!

having the same problem!


Me neither🙁

This is rubbish. Status says login degraded. No its not - its completely not working !!! Prime time Sunday morning in the UK. I want a discount as I wont get this time back.

Same here, missing Grand Fondo

Can’t log also in Italy…

Not correct of Zwift not announcing these troubles like on Facebook or whatever,…

Same problem here, missing out on race🙁

same in Czech Republic…

Same in Switzerland, clearly a wider issue. Thank you Zwift for taking my subscription but not providing the server upgrades you need to sustain such high attendance events.

can’t  login here, there go my precious time

I thought I was the only one, annoying as hell as I needed today’s Fondo to get the opportunity to enter the competition 

Same Problem, located in Austria

good to know before I have started to spend the monthly fees

same shit as everywhere: they collect the money and there is no support…

Kann mich auch nicht einloggen!! Deutschland/Bayern! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

now the US servers will be overloaded with EU attendance :slight_smile:

Logged in fine earlier but for past hour no luck. :frowning: