Cannot join group rides

After upgraded to 1.56, I cannot join any group ride, I cannot see anyone on the map, the countdown clock showed wrong numbers.

I tried two different iPads, restarted Zwift APP several times, the issue remains

Hi @David_Li2 and welcome to the forums.

Usually when you can’t see any other riders that signals a network issue, either on your end or your ISP can’t reach the Zwift servers. Can you see others when just doing a free ride, not an event or group ride? If you can’t see any other riders on Zwift, try restarting your wifi router.

Also, make sure you are logging out of your account on the multiple iPads you said you tried. Force close Zwift on both devices, and try with just the primary device you use. Being logged into Zwift on multiple devices can also cause issues.


Are you in China?