No other riders visible on Ipad

Been using Zwift for a long time using a laptop. December 2017 got a new Ipad. When using the Ipad no other cyclists are visible. It has been like this for a couple of weeks now. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but no change. Wifi connection / speed is perfect. If I use the laptop there is no issues at all. Any suggestions?

I’ve experienced the same thing using it on AppleTV. But now the other riders are back. Is there any way to keep this “feature” of riding alone? I like riding solo.

I had the same thing happen to me today on my iPad.  When I completed the ride the app froze and did not save any data.  

Last night I rode solo again. I didn’t change anything, but the other riders were gone. Personally, I like this. But I wish it was a toggle on/off feature instead of random.

Same issue on iPad since last update , alone on start line or 4-5 riders for a group over 50- 100 this apply to race and training group .

Same issue here for about a week now ipad and AppleTV.  I think its an iOS issue.


I´ve had the same problem with my Ipad a couple of times now. I’m in a workout group, 100+ riders, but can only see 3-5 of them.

And before the session started I was just riding and meet only a handful riders along the way. Ended the ride a couple of times but It was the same.

Whats the solution?

iOS/iPad too. No other riders visible in events or “free” riding. Has been for the past few weeks.

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Hi, the last few weeks I have the same problem on my laptop. Today I installed zwift again and the program made an update but the problem is not solved. I wonder what this can be.

Same problem here with Zwift on iOS (new iPAD Pro), both in free-ride and workout, at least every other time there are no other riders in the track. The list of nearby riders is missing, but at the top of the list it still says that there are thousands of riders connected. Internet is otherwise working properly on the iPAD so it’s not a connection issue.

After a new installation of windows 10 on my HP laptap and a new installation of zwift all works again as it did in the past. I use a wifi connection so internet connection is not the problem  other riders are not visible.


I have resolved this issue on iOS by force-quitting the app 


I saw a comment somewhere (sorry can’t find original) that leaving ZWIFT running results in the app thinking you haven’t finished your previous session.


Also it’s worth updating to the new iOS app version.



I have just tried RicTot’s fix for the “no other rider” problem, and it worked, thanks Ric.I have a live ticket with Zwifts technical bods so when they get back to me I will pass on the fix.