Riders disappear on iPad - should I use a laptop?

I’ve read about this issue extensively here, but have a unique angle I’m hoping someone can help with.

I use Zwift to bike and run. On the bike, I fire up my iPad and screen mirror to my Apple TV. Doing this, no riders appear, ever. All of my ride data and metrics are there, but I’m in a world alone.

When I run, I screen mirror from my iPhone X to my Apple TV. Using this method, all riders and runners appear just fine (it does glitch frequently, but everyone eventually comes back).

My question is, should I simply use a laptop to screen mirror to Apple TV? I’m thinking the iPad and iPhone aren’t the best way to go (not enough processing power?).

Hope someone can provide some insight, my wireless connection is blazing fast at home. Any help or insight is appreciated!! :slight_smile:

We know of an issue where if the iPad/iPhone version stays in memory it may not show riders on subsequent rides.  If you press the home button twice and swipe away Zwift after you are done with each ride the issue shouldn’t occur.   We’ll be fixing that in a near future update as well so you don’t need to ‘kill’ the app between each session.

Roger that - I’ll give it a try!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

FYI - this works - however on iPad riders almost always still disappear intermittently. I have to run the app from my iPhone and mirror to TV.

I ‘think’ the issue has to do with the iPad not having enough processing power… because my phone lags a bit at times as well, but not often.

Running Zwift on my iPad Pro since last year. All fine until a couple of days. No one ride without riders disappearing and riders list collapsing. WiFi couldn’t be the issue, as I’m 1,5 m away from the router - and with MacBook Pro (also via wifi) I have not such issues (but that device is blocked for other purposes…). 

Is the iPad or  iOS or your iOS version the problem? Neither starting Zwift completely new nor restarting the iPad could improve the situation.

Do you have a solution for that? It’s very frustrating as riding with others is the main reasons for paying for Zwift. 

Best regards