iPad display problems

(K Howland) #1

I am not seeing any following riders at all when I run Zwift on my iPad. Works fine on Apple TV. Is there a setting to allow this. Please advise

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey @K_Howland are you still experiencing this issue? If so can you provide a screenshot?

(Brad Dyer) #3

I noticed the same thing in May this year and raised a ticket (#134894) which at last update on June 14th was told that it had been replicated in your lab and the Dev team were going to look into it. I can’t find where to access the support ticket now, but I’m still not getting the rider distances. I have also just updated Zwift to 1.0.31648 and checked, still no rider distances displaying.

(K Howland) #4

Hi Brad

I’m still waiting for an answer from Zwift support. I sent them a screenshot of the problem so we’ll see what their findings are. I’ll let you know if I get a result😊


(K Howland) #5


Yes I still have the same issue. I sent the problem to Zwift support over a week ago with a screenshot, still waiting for an answer. Have you any ideas?


(K Howland) #6


This is the screenshot…no following rider info shown!


(Vincent W.) #7

Sorry for the delay! Reviewing your ticket and this issue. I’ll get updates as soon as possible!