IPAD - Distance to rider behind, iOS

Just tried out the iOS version of Zwift on my iPad and noticed the distance to the rider behind isn’t displayed at the bottom of the screen like when I run from the MacBook.

Can this feature be turned on for the iPad or is it not an option?


I have the same problem. Awaiting response from Support🤔

I think this is on iPhone, but not on iPad… Or am I missing a setting on the iPad version to turn it on?

Any news on that topic? - strange that iOS code base is not the same, hence iPad and iPhone versions differ.

+1 for distance labels also for the iPad version!

I noticed this issue when first using an iPad Pro about 6 months ago and asked Zwift Support about it - the answer was…

“The name plates for rides not showing isn’t a know iPad issue, it’s a know internet connection issue.”

I didn’t think this was a plausible explanation, but when I suggested this was very unlikely (for a number of reasons) the response was essentially the same…

“While the issues you’ve described aren’t from a complete loss of the internet or the connection from our server, I’ve checked with the rest of the team and everyone says that both the issues are most likely connection related. Since the sound issues manly occur when in large groups this could be related to the ping your going through (a connection issue) as well as possibly the basic processing power of your iPad.”

(There was also an issue with the sound level dropping in large group rides)

Zwift support seemed to be going through a “blame it on the internet” phase so I gave up at this point.

Having run Zwift on a Win10 notebook for 3 years, then an iPad for the last 6 months, and occasionally on a Samsung S6, I know for sure that name plates always show on the notebook and the S6 but never on the iPad - so I can only conclude that this functionality is simply not available / implemented on the iPad - but Zwift don’t seem to want to confirm it…

Same here. I don’t think that it’s an internet issue.
Maybe if more people start confirming the same, Zwift will start listening.

I have noticed the same thing hoping a fix for this soon it shows up on the iphone but not the ipad for some reason

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its there on an iMac !

Issue still not solved!


I have the same problem with my Ipad, can’t see the distance between the riders behind and me

Nothing changed yet, still the same problem, hello support…

It isn’t just iPad, I think it might be a tablet thing. I get the distance on s8 phone and windows PC, but not s6 tablet.

I have the same issue on my iPad.

I have same issue. Only on iPad. It’s definitely not internet connection.

same here, shows up on my iphone but not on my ipad

I know this topic has been raised several times, however, the issue still has not been resolved from Zwift.

I use my iPad screened to my TV for Zwift as it is more reliable than my PC and Ant stick.

I race for a team in Tuesday’s ZRL and also do the WTRL Thursday’s TTT. Doing the TTT’s without the meters showing to the rider behind can cause issues. When I make a pull at the front, I have no idea that I have gapped the rider behind. The only way for me to know is looking at the ride hand side panel that displays the rider’s information. If I see 1 second to the rider behind, I know I have caused a gap. Other than that, it will be one of my teammates shouting ‘GAP’ - Small gaps like this could cause my team seconds in our overall time.

Please Zwift, can you sort this issue out? I believe the meters to the rider behind are displayed in all other platforms/devices (PC, Macbook, Android and iPhone). Why is this not available on the iPad?

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Has there been any action on this as just got an iPad and noticed even with latest updates it works on my Mac Laptop and phone but not on the iPad

I have the same question and have yet to see an answer. Somewhere it was said they were told it was a screen issue but seems like more than that

I have the same issue. Really miss this feature when doing TTTs, particularly the Thursday night WTRL. It would be great if this could be fixed

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I have been revisiting and posting about this issue for over a year now. As yet silence from Zwift. It would be great if this could be fixed particularly for TTTS.