Can't see other zwifters

Anyone else having an issue with not being able to see other zwifters ? I thought it might have been a one off when I was racing the other day but now I’m unable to see other zwifters whether in a race or free ride!

Nothing wrong with Internet - appreciate you can see drop outs due to Internet connection but that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

Any help appreciated


Same issue for me. Started today. Watopia is a solo ride with other worlds having all riders visible.

IOS on ipad. Network tests all come back with excellent numbers on both upload and download. Hard restarted ipad and still the same.

Have you updated the app to the latest version?

Checked and there doesn’t appear to be any new updates beyond the last one I installed unfortunately. I use Apple TV so I’ll try on my laptop later and see if that works to rule out the possibility that Apple is causing the issue. Other than that, I’m out of ideas!

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The same issue for me. Manually closing app on iPad and starting Zwift again worked fine for me.

Just tried on my laptop and worked fine so I can confirm it must be an Apple specific issue!

Probably something like your Apple TV just needs a
reboot to start behaving again.

Thanks Steve. Tried unplugging Apple TV and restarting but same issue. Will try uninstalling and reinstalling the app tomorrow. Failing that, will need to raise a ticket with Zwift.

Bit annoying to have to take my laptop into the garage each time !

Just had a thought. Do you have automatic updates turned on for the Apple TV? Maybe your ATV updated to TV OS 14. I used my ATV on Zwift yesterday and there were tons of other Zwifters on the course. I haven’t updated my ATV over concern of issues.

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Same issue, for some reason I can not see any other riders in Watopia while riding around. Started last night 9/25. I can see them fine in Yorkshire, Innsbruck, and even in NY yesterday. I have tried resetting my router, powering down and up PC, even reinstalled Zwift completely. I am running Zwift on my PC, also tried running it on my iPhone apt and still I can not see other riders in Watopia. I think it is something tied to my account, not my equipment. Or some sort of in game glitch.


My Apple TV is on tvOS 14.0.1 and I have no problems seeing other Zwifters in Watopia.

I am on a macbook pro and have the same issue, no people in watopia but other worlds show people just fine.

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@Max_Schemansky I am having a similar problem but the issue is still there no matter what device I use (Phone, laptop or PC). Did you ever find a solution?

@Eric_Abbott1 I’ve tried everything and still no solution yet, still can’t see any other riders in Watopia no matter which devise I use. But I can see the other guest worlds fine. I did launch the game on my iPhone while at a friends house, and I was able to see other riders in Watopia. I can’t figure this out, frustrating.

Now you seemed to have ruled out that it involves your account since you were able to see riders at you friends house. Shut your cable modem and router off and leave them off for 30 seconds. Have you been using one of the “hacks” to ride in worlds that aren’t on the current menu?

@Max_Schemansky How long have you been having this problem? Started for me a few days ago and I am hoping it will fix its self but maybe that’s foolish.

@avid_dk Did a full reset of all network hardware yesterday and no “hacks” just riding and racing.

@Eric_Abbott1 and @avid_dk Well now as of Monday morning, I can see riders in Watopia on all devices! I think it was something in the connection between my cable company and my modem. There were reported outages in my area late last week when this all started, so maybe they have everything back in order now. I tried Zwift reinstall, resetting my network, powering on and off multiple times, never did any hacks, and none of these things worked. Might have been a problem with Chicago area Comcast, I had a friend in the area who encountered the exact same issue. JUST GLAD ALL IS BACK TO NORMAL!

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@Max_Schemansky Just checked on my phone and I can at the very least see people in “watch” mode while in Watopia. Hope this translates to my main setup and when in events. Thanks for the update!!

Fingers crossed for you! :crossed_fingers: