No riders

I know about the no riders problem that’s been popping up but mines been going on for a while. It was just doing it on my iPad. So I switched to just watching my iPhone while I rode. Now it’s doing it on my iPhone too! So I do an event and it shows me all by myself. What is the remedy?

Hi Thom,

While there have certainly been some issues as of late, this sounds more like it might be a network problem. Do riders never appear? Do they keep popping in and out throughout the ride? How strong is your WiFi where you ride?

When I ride on my own there may be one or two riders out on the course but when I do and event there is none and they never appear. This has been going on quite a while on my iPad and then just happened on my iPhone today. My wifi is very strong.

What version of the app do you have installed?

What type of router do you have, some have a built in firewall that could be blocking some of the traffic.

I’m not sure of the version and how do I check? Does Swift ask you to update because I’ve never been asked and I have had it for a few months now. I have Netgear for wifi and an Aris SB6183.

The last few rides there has been no other riders. I tried to join with my friends on a ride but they weren’t there. This started a couple of weeks ago, before that it was working fine. Please help


Did you edit the world tag in the prefs.xml file? What course were you trying to ride today? It is Watopia today according the the calendar. Is your app up to date?

I was trying to ride the sub 2 ride at 6.40 gmt . I’m using an iPad Pro . What’s the prefs.xml file ? 

What course where you trying to ride (Watopia, London, or Richmond)?

Is your app up to date on your iPad (Version 1.0.21832 is the current)?

The prefs.xml is where you can change the world tag to ride any course no matter what is scheduled on the calendar.

I was riding watopia. It says I’m on mobile version 2.1.1 




Thanks for your help Paul . But I’ve just updated the app and it’s working again now 


I just checked my iPad and iPhone 7 and both are on version 1.0.21832 for the Zwift app

The Zwift Mobile Link is on 2.1.5 (323)