No riders all of a sudden

Internet connection is working. Computer accessing Internet as normal… whats happening?

I’ve reset everything. Still nothing

Something is up… Pace Partners gone… and only 66 riders on Watopia.


Ah well. Stinking day outside here, might have to leave it until later.

I’m a tad star struck here too :wink:

Same here sitting on the Alp atm :flushed::slightly_smiling_face:

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Confirmed widespread issue with Watopia. Other streamers are all solo.


Same here. No riders. Very frustrating

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11k riders online dropped to 4k around 30mins ago. Nothing on the status page. I don’t think I’ve seen one world die like this before…

Anyhow… I was seconds away from livestreaming the Halloween Pace Partners and PD3.0… Looks like ice-cream and a movie on the couch is a suitable replacement. :rofl:


Watopia not working. You will unable to join events from there even if they are in another world. Log in in another world and select an event not in Watopia.


So I guess it’s in every race… no use to do another one then :disappointed:

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:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: that my quattro Alp ride will save when I hit the bottom ( burned calories only counts if they’re saved :grin: )


Same here: logged into Watopia 45 min ago & don’t see any other riders. Quite boring.

What movie are you thinking??

Nothing good on the torrents…er… streaming services. It looks like I’ll finally get to Squid Game.

Got the same thing, suddenly riding solo during the TT Tri Baseline ride.
Now riding solo on watopia.

I’m settling in with People Just Do Nothing on Netflix… (while trying to avoid clearing the spare rooms for decorating)!

Zwift will have to wait…

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Definately not local network issue . Was on a group ride with lots of people voiced up and the drop out happened at the same time for all users . It flickered a few times for a while then finally it dropped everyone out and you were solo , including on the leaderboard . After a short while a few people re-appeared on the leaderboards but no one on the view . As others have pointed out zwift has very few users logged in .

You could continue to ride solo , and from screenshot some people are being registered connected . Perhaps this is a CDN issue .

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Yep watopia is totally borked. No riders at all. Logs indicate it can’t connect to a server. France is fine.
Another great rollout…

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It’s back!


Nothing really new, but wanted to report that all riders disappeared this morning at about 11 CET for the rest of the duration of the event (there was more than one hour remaining). It affected everyone (no one saw anyone else). Those who kept on were however able to finish the event and a ranking was established by the Zwift client.

I know this is likely to be related to Zwift server issues and has already been reported quite a lot here in the past. This has however not happened to me for a while, and very rarely to this extent where riders do never reappear after a while.

Again, this is not really new but hasn’t happened for a while therefore I am reporting it.

The computation of the gaps between riders has been disabled for a few minutes at about 10 CET this morning, showing 0 seconds for everyone. It came back after about 5 minutes.

To note it seems something was happening on Zwift side during this event as quite a few other issues were noticed and affecting other users as well (day/night cycle broken, screen flashing every 30s, riders disappearing for good - has been reported on the forum as well).