No riders all of a sudden

Sounds like an AWS/routing problem.

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Happened the same to me during a crit race Friday: I kept losing draft when the other riders disappeared, so I left the race (it was going bad anyway).

Has the problem been sorted out or is it still there ? Would hate to start another race just to get in same situation after few minutes (internet connection was OK, joined another platform and had a group ride without issues).

According to Zwift status page, there was no incidents Yesterday.
If Zwift won`t admit to server problems, it is easy to have 100 % uptime.


Because it probably wasn’t a Zwift server issue, it was probably an AWS routing issue.

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Makes no difference in my book.
If I can`t ride, there is a problem, no matter where the problem is located.


I believe you could ride, you would have just been alone.

I guess you don’t know how routing works.

The route cause of the issue , is as others have highlighted ,is irrelevant if it affects the service that Zwift provide. it should be published and declared as a service outage if that is going to have any credibility. If they want to take up with there delivery partners if indeed that was the cause and publish the retrospected update that is of course fine . Right now however as has been pointed out they have failed to even publish that there was any service failure at all , whatever the cause. By not doing so they are no doubt happy to give a false and misleading Service Level reportt to anyone who asks or doesnt . I cant see at this point that this service outage can be attributed to any cause because as Zwift havent even acknowledged the issue and service failure , zwift have lost the right to attribute it to anything at all.

I dont beleive riding alone can be classified as normal service.
Likewise I dont think understanding how routing works is a requirement specified in the terms and conditions to use the service.


Believe what you want.

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What about races ? Drafting doesn’t work when other riders temporarily disappear, and racing alone doesn’t make sense.

Racing service is at least not working…

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Yes, it’s exactly what Orwell had in mind in Coming Up for Air. When George would go to the lake, he’d mull over the regular contributors in an online gaming/exercise platform and frustrate his thoughts with the contribution of regular posters!