Where are the other riders in Tour of Watopia, stage 1

Just finished long route in Tour of Watopia, Stage 1, long route. But where were the reputed 147 other riders. They weren’t in the pen with me, or on the road or on the right side rider list.

And about 10 minutes into the ride, my Zwift Companion app “game” mode disappeared.

On the bright side, I earned two climbing jerseys. LOL.

FWIW, this was my 2nd Stage 1 event.

Otherwise good ride, but oddly lonely.

Hi @Curt_Martin_TX_ZER_B, this behavior meams you lost network connection during the ride.


Hi Curt @Curt_Martin_TX_ZER_B

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I concur with what Mike said and the most common reason for the symptoms you’ve described is that Zwift couldn’t detect your internet connection. We have an article that goes into more detail about this, so check that out!

Interesting. And not long after I finished I noticed that the computer I was using didn’t have an internet connection.

But if I lost the connection about two hours earlier when i went into the start pen, or 100 minutes earlier when the Companion app disappeared, how did i remain on course and complete the ride and receive XP credit for the rebel ride at the end?

Thanks Steven and Mike.


The game still works mostly as normal with no network/wifi. You just don’t see any other users and the ride won’t save to the Zwift servers until a connection is restored.

And i spoke too soon in my earlier comment. I appeared to be collecting 40 xp/k and the rebel route bonus. I was tanalizingly close to leverl 35 yesterday afternoon. Today that progress wasn’t there. So you must be right that i lost the connection.

Thanks again for your consult.