Pack Dynamics 3.0 Update [October 2021]

Hey Shuji - is this going to hit Yorkshire for Tuesday?

Do France now please mr Zwift :slight_smile:

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Did the 3R Sand & Sequoia race tonight. I’m finding the draft far easier with PD3. Certainly have to keep an eye on your power relative to others, so I would probably not like HUDless for drafting, but it felt more efficient for me. And I used the Tron tonight to ensure I didnt get drafting visuals. I felt like a pro rotating in the group I was with too - and that’s never happened before so I suspect the TTT racers will like the dynamics.

The other observation was that over Titans Grove, people first over the humps didnt make massive gains on the declines that I am used to seeing in a race, or when they powered up to try and make a break, it was relatively easy to catch up. Or the group I was riding with were all playing nice.

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I lost the ability to see anyone in Watopia at 9:59 UK time this morning as did several other people. In events and free ride. Makuri Islands and New York working fine

Logged out of Zwift and back in and restarted computer (as did others). Nothing helped


10:30CET Flanders endurance series.
Dropout for everyone in the group on the gravel descent out of Italian village. Everyone disappeared about 3 times, but then got back to normal.
Then 1:30 into ride on Epic climb on Tunnel section same happend, but I remained solo in watopia for the remainder of the route.
Seems like everyone had the same issue.
KOM times were still visible when I crossed the KOM line. Event result available and populated after crossing the finish line.

For the drop out issue try here …

Unlikely to be related to PD3 … but you never know . But for sure its not part of the discussion about its functionality.

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Same here. Did a race at 9:00 BST in Watopia which was fine then continued with a workout after the race and everyone disappeared after about an hour.

Why did it only happen in the world with PD3 then?

PD3 is enabled in Makuri island which is fine… Besides if its a bug related to the feature it needs to be reported as such (elsewhere) . This thread is discussing the dynamics of the pack as effected by change.

It is? I thought it was only London and Watopia. It certainly didn’t feel like it was on for the TTT on Thursday - riders still just randomly spat out the side of the group

I thought we were asked right at the start of this thread to report potential bugs here - sorry if I got that wrong!

Was enabled last night

No apology needed . It was asked to report “bugs” with the PD3 feature . I was just trying to let everyone know there is a thread for this specific issue , and if PD3 is a cause it would not be the functionality but some non functional impact only .

Exactly the same happened with Cassie and at exactly the same time. She couldn’t get back in, either - ended up riding a workout with no other riders

Today I joined the 100km SRZ Endurance Ride (C); at the beginning while the blob was big there was a very anoying flashing of avatars popping up and disappering again randomly; my guess would be that this is part of the algo which keeps the crowed in a handle/displayable number of riders. I didn’t do a recording today, but did some on 23.10. while I was on the 3R Ultra Endurance Acadamy (C) Ride (and: today it was by far more horrible compared to 23rd. Only at the beginning - after ~1h or so it did stop (maybe the blob got smaller?). Unfortunately no movie-upload possible ← @shooj: if you are interested I can send via email maybe?

Put your log file in and check your frame rate.

No anomalies found and everything else was smooth. Graphic data however could not be analyzed:

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It was an verified but as yet not acknowledged (by zwift) network/infrastructure issue on zwift side.
I beleive its all back to normal again ( see link I posted above on the outage) .


Lots of «sideways» cycling as it looked like the rider tried to move where there weren’t any space. Also I found myself on the outside of the group a lot of the time. This was while riding with Bowie.

Have a feeling this is related to steering as I am on the kickr bike and it looked fine for everybode else. Tried to turn it off, but still had the wheel by my name, so was probably still «on». Is it possible to set steering truly «off» with the kickr bike?


I did a race on the Legends and Lava route today (zid=2370948). I think the PD worked very well. It was much calmer in the field, with less lateral movement. I was concerned that it would be hard to position myself in the field because of the reduced sticky draft, but that was never a problem.
During the race, I did not think about the PD much, which is good I guess. There were a few occasions where I wanted to drop back to position myself in the draft at the back of the field. I noticed that it took too long before I was moved into the draft, so I ended up riding in the wind for some time, which was not intentional.

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Probably need to turn it off at the Logon pairing screen. I’m riding a Kickr Bike too and if I don’t turn off steering at that point, my HRM doesn’t work for the entire event. I can turn it on later from the Menu screen and everything is fine. Weird…