Pack Dynamics 3.0 Update [October 2021]

Hey everyone, we wanted to inform you about developments with Pack Dynamics 3.0. We’ve been testing it for the past couple months under specific scenarios (group rides, races, group workouts, run, steering-enabled, etc) and are pleased with how development is coming along.

We’re onto the next, broader phase. Today, we enabled PD 3.0 for an entire map. The next time you ride in London, you may observe changes from the “classic” pack dynamics. If you’ve been curious about how work is coming along, we invite you to start with a fresh login, then hop over to London and ride with a group.

Please make sure you’re on the latest game version.

  • What do you notice when you’re in the middle of the bunch?
  • How does your avatar move when it bumps up against the ones in front of and next to you?
  • What happens when you’re coming up fast on a slower group?
  • How about if you’re slowly approaching a slower group?
  • If you have a steering-capable trainer - what does it feel like when you steer side to side? Corollary - if you see someone else weaving side to side - is there a steering wheel icon next to their player name that indicates they’re steering-enabled?

If you see any bizarre avatar movements or something that feels buggy - please report it in this thread. If you’re capturing frame grabs or better yet - game video - please include that here, and let us know:

  • What OS platform you’re using
  • Which steering device, if any. Note: some events have steering disabled by default.
  • If you’re in an event - please check after it’s over and give us the URL for the specific event you did.

Can’t wait to try it :wink:

Will PD 3.0 be activated for all group rides/races in London as well?


It’s in effect map-wide in London. You will want to start with a fresh login.

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Thanks for the update! :+1: I’m looking forward to doing a race on the London map this weekend.

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Excellent timing! Was already booked on a 60’ group ride in London tomorrow evening (ZZRC Sub 2.0 at 19:40 CEST). I’ll stay on afterwards to test how steering with the Sterzo Smart (which is disabled during the group ride) alters interactions.

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Great news … hunting for an event now!

Do you know what tweaks were made since the test rides (that we would notice)?

I’m not looped into the specifics.

We want everyone to see it with fresh eyes, even if you’ve been in the test events over the past couple months We’d like you to play test it and see what you notice.


The ZRL TTTs will be in London a week and a half from now. Can we get a confirmation (or at least a best guess) if this is going to remain in place through them or not?

I’d say just keep it going unless something completely unexpected happens, but I guess that can take some getting used to from the teams.

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So when was it enabled today?
I did a race around 3pm uk time today and the pack dynamic was pretty bad. Two pacelines around the sprint area and beyond, came together on the classique climb but if you got pushed to the side you dropped out of a group that was doing 3.5 while you are doing 5+.

Nice, be good to try it. :+1:

The new pack dynamics was enabled roughly 8pm UK time today.

Yeah, that sounds exactly like what is wrong with the 2.0 pack dynamics in my experience, not the new stuff.

Cool stuff, let’s see how the next one goes. Interested to check it out.

That’s the plan, unless something goes sideways.


I believe we’re currently on version 2.5, it’s mentioned in the log files. Prior to this of course.

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Good spotting. That might explain a few posts mentioning some pack dynamic weirdness over past few weeks. Maybe.

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Gang - appreciate y’alls enthusiasm for this next phase!

We are especially eager to surface odd avatar movements and potential bugs with your PD 3.0 experiences in London. If you’re in an event - please check after it’s over and give us the URL for the specific event you did.

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I have changed the EVR races for Friday and Saturday to use London routes and enabled steering.

Friday will be Classique x 6 laps. Saturday Greater London Flat x 3 laps.

If those go well I can change Monday as well, Greatest London Flat x 2 laps.


@shooj will this be on or off for the ZRL TTT the week after next. Given it’s only one world and there is only one WTRL TTT (not in london) between now and then it will be very hard for riders to know how this will affect dynamics in a TTT prior to the race