Other riders come and go from the world

This happened yesterday and today.

The symptom is that all riders in the area are with me in the world. I see their avatars, and they are in the roster. Then they all disappear and I am riding alone. Then they come back.

This cycle repeats about every 12 seconds. All my device connections are fine. Ride data looks normal. I did get sprint and KOM jerseys when I should not have, again as if I was the only rider on the course.

I was riding in Watopia both days. Sand and Sequoias route and Road to Sky route.

Any advice on how to fix or work around? Am I doing something wrong?

Generally this is due to a network issue. If you are seeing everyone vanish and then come back then it would be your network connection. If you are seeing individuals vanish (while others remain) then it would be that specific individuals network connection.

Check your wifi strength if using wireless and physically connect to your network if your device supports such a connection.

I rode Yorkshire this morning and all the riders disappeared about a half mile into the route shortly after passing through the banner, the riders nearby list was full and constantly updating as riders moved past me even though I couldn’t see them. I was able to view other riders by clicking on their name in the riders nearby list, and when viewing them I could see the other riders. When I returned to me, they were all gone again. I was also able to see and send messages with the companion app, so I’m pretty sure this was not due to a network failure.

When I passed through the start/finish banner on the UCI worlds course route after completing a full lap all the riders reappeared. I rode a bit further, one or two tenths of a mile, and they all disappeared again.

The ride saved as I exited and uploaded to Strava as usual. I rode in Watopia yesterday with no issues.

Yep, it was the network. Thanks for the pointer!