More Connection issues

Can somebody please explain why I keep getting disconnected so that there’s only me shown on screen and my ride is thus not logged on Strava? It’s happened twice recently and last time the game crashed completely for me. My home WiFi connectivity seems fine. Is it me or Zwift that had the problem? Many thanks, Phil.

If other riders are disappearing so you seem to be alone, that’s a connection issue between your client device and Zwift’s servers.

It could be various things including bad wifi, your router having problems, ISP issues or a Zwift server glitch. I’m assuming you’re not using a VPN.

If you’re happy that you have a strong wifi signal, then your router is the most likely culprit. Try rebooting it for a start.

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As Steve said, this symptom tends to occur when there is a problem at your end. It used to happen to me a lot when I had my Apple TV hardwired to my router. When I unplugged it and went wifi the problem stopped (apart from when I have a genuine internet connection issue).

Good luck!

Thanks a lot for getting back to me Steve. Much appreciated. I’ll check my set up. It’s strange because up to last week everything’s been fine and I can’t think what’s changed to cause the problem. Plus I’ve ridden between these two episodes without an issue. I take it high volumes of users shouldn’t affect things?

Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to respond Paul, much appreciated. I’ll have a play and see if I can affect things. I did notice that on the two occasions I’ve experienced this issue there were 10,000 and 12,000 users so wondered if volume affected things. I’ve ridden in between these episodes without an issue when there were less riders on. I’ll try a quieter time and at least check if things change then. Cheers again.

It shouldn’t affect things in theory, but who knows how it affects your router etc. If it keeps happening intermittently then it’s highly unlikely to be a problem at Zwift’s end (or everyone would be complaining), and in cases like this often a simple router reboot makes the problem go away.