Connection issues with Zwift server in races (riding alone for 40s)


lately i’m having a lot of connection issues with Zwift (in races). I seem to lose the connection to the Zwift server, which causes me to ride completely alone for 30s-1min. This makes me chase the peleton/pack after the dropout (very frustrating). Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?

(how can I add pictures from the zwiftalizer?)


Riding alone in the world is definitely a sign of you being disconnected from the Zwift server mid-ride.

Do you sometimes see “Check your Internet Connection” error message when you log in? Both of these symptoms are most likely WiFi problems within your home, or possibly some issues between your home and your ISP.

Rebooting both your WiFi router and modem can help. Start with the modem first, then the router. Also reboot the computer that’s running the Zwift app.

This article has some other tips that might help.

+1 for more connection problems in last few days from here as well. Problem definitely not at my end. Yesterday in the ZRL TTT while fan viewing teammates waiting for start, it constantly jumped to some other rider or back to me (with other riders still visible on the road) presumably due to the viewed rider disappearing from the system for a while, and it happened with a number of different riders (we had a start delay of more than ten minutes so I had plenty of time…), so it can’t be that all of them just have local connection problems.

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This issue can be caused by local connections (it is common for didgy wifi for example) but is also an old problem that has come back that is caused by Zwift, not local connections - see this Riders nearby board empty on group rides/races - #59 by Ben_Pearlstine

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