Connection Disconnected

Apologies if this has been covered before, but I can’t seem to see a post with a solution or fix.

For my last few rides I have had a ‘Connection Disconnected’ banner on the top left of screen, and with this no other zwifters in sight. .

I live in a bad signal area, so originally thought it was a dropped data signal but all other devices and apps are connecting fine. It’s not my connection, it’s Zwift.

I use my PC running Windows 10. Is this a glitch in the latest update?

Hi @Wayne_Pienaar

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If you don’t see other riders then it’s certainly your internet connection.

Put the log file in

That’s’ what I thought. But without a internet connection, I wouldn’t be able to open Zwift in the first place.

While riding I was streaming Youtube on the same connection.

You’re right. But the issue is probably in communicating with some of Zwift’s servers. Could be a glitch at their end, but more likely something on your side, particularly if it wasn’t just a one-off. It’s possible that you could see the login servers but not, say, the ones for your game world. Once you’re logged in you can completely disconnect from the internet and Zwift will work just fine except that you won’t see any other riders.

I think you found your answer, not enough bandwidth for both YouTube and Zwift.

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