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Apologies if this has been covered before, but I can’t seem to see a post with a solution or fix.

For my last few rides I have had a ‘Connection Disconnected’ banner on the top left of screen, and with this no other zwifters in sight. .

I live in a bad signal area, so originally thought it was a dropped data signal but all other devices and apps are connecting fine. It’s not my connection, it’s Zwift.

I use my PC running Windows 10. Is this a glitch in the latest update?

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If you don’t see other riders then it’s certainly your internet connection.

Put the log file in

That’s’ what I thought. But without a internet connection, I wouldn’t be able to open Zwift in the first place.

While riding I was streaming Youtube on the same connection.

You’re right. But the issue is probably in communicating with some of Zwift’s servers. Could be a glitch at their end, but more likely something on your side, particularly if it wasn’t just a one-off. It’s possible that you could see the login servers but not, say, the ones for your game world. Once you’re logged in you can completely disconnect from the internet and Zwift will work just fine except that you won’t see any other riders.

I think you found your answer, not enough bandwidth for both YouTube and Zwift.

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I have exactly the same situation. Just even changed our modem, did somes tests and our internet connection has never been faster. Yet still I get 3 connection disconnected messages / zwift session. Very strange.
Everything else works great…

I have the same problem. Good internet blue tooth. Intermittent signal from Zwift making it hard to ride with others

Just started on Feb 4. Prior to that fine

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This has been happening to me, mainly when I am racing? Any ideas??

Same thing for me this last week. Internet connect is good too.

Too be honest, I’m still have then issue from time to time, but mine seems to be a bandwidth issue. Even though I am connected and seem to have good tranfer rates, there can be no other riders or it says connected at the top of the screen.

Don’t know what the solution is but I just rise and take it as it comes.

Yep same here. Doesn’t matter if I’m streaming something else or not. It just intermittently will say “connection disconnected” for a few minutes, and then it will go away for a few seconds and riders will reappear. And the cycle continues.It just started doing it all of a sudden and nothing else about my internet has changed. Same speed, same router, etc. All other devices and their internet speed are working great.

upload the log file to zwiftalizer and see what it shows and/or link to it here

Problem seems to be resolved for me now. I updated my drivers and unplugged the modem/router. So far so good.

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Hey all! Just checking in to see how others are doing with this issue. Does it seem to have resolved over time or is this still happening for some of you?

Hi Lauren, I still have the same issue as when I posted this, but its defintely my bandwidth and have no short term solution based on where I live. I just ride “alone” most days.

Cheers! I grant myself the freedom to reply here even though I´m not the original poster. Thanks for informing about this site where the log file can be analyzed.

So I´m having this situation here, where every race I attend has two elements of suspense: 1) How will the race go? and 2) Will the connection drop out, ruining the race? I feel like about 1/3 of every race I do ends up with connection lost, and me burning all my matches in red zone while being disconnected to try and keep up with the group. This usually happens after racing for a while. Which makes it even more annoying. Pretty bad for motivation :smiley:

I would be very grateful if someone who knows how to read analyzis of log files could point me in some direction here. Is it the router, is it the bandwith, is it Zwift? Here comes the link from todays sad ride:

(For some reason, I cant include links in my post, so i put an X before the link, hope someone will do the extra job and copy the link and take a look :slight_smile: )


Thanks :slight_smile:

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I can’t help you directly, but I’m also interested in better understanding and interpreting the data visible in zwiftalizer, so am hoping someone more knowledgable will step in.
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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Looks like you had a couple of very bad network problems there, at around 10:15 and then around 10:23.

How is your network set up? Is it wifi that is a pretty patchy signal? A better network connection would help you a lot.

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