Server Disconect?

Just rode my usual Thursday WTRL TTT and my connection to the Zwift server was shocking and kept dropping every 5-10 seconds which resulted in me being dropped from my team as on there screens i was showing as way off the back of the team yet on my screen i was in the middle of the team. The usual position indicator on the riders list was constantly flipping between a number and –

My wifi connection was stable throughout the ride with no dropouts so it wasnt an issue my end.

Anyone else had this issue? any fixes before i ride another TTT later today

Many Thanks


I have a stable, rock solid home WiFi setup with the trainer and Zwift device about 3-meters from my WiFi router.

I’ve had “Connection Disconnected” errors several times during the Tour de Zwift which indicates a server connection error: Split the (new) Connection Failure message - #4 by Dean

I can only assume it’s something on Zwift’s end, not mine - and there enough reports of similar during the TdZ to support this. Never happens to me other times of the year.

yeah, seems like quite a few people are having this problem at the moment, seems to be zwifts side that is causing the issue, here is another thread on it