Connection unstable

Hello I’m after some help please. Last few days been getting error message of unstable connection followed by disconnected. My wifi is very strong signal. I’m using ATV and even get fault when hard wired. Tried on my phone also and faulted. Then tried with 4g and no faults. Help would be appreciated.

Hi, it’s becoming a common issue. Was it just a warning and nothing else was affected?

Hi Stuart & appreciate you reaching out. I lose connection briefly. In a group ride I lose my ride position & other avatars. Then it re connects for a period of time & the process starts again.

That’s a normal sign of dropped WiFi historically but it appears that it could be an issue server side at Zwift.

I am having the same issues - never had a problem before, never even seen the “cionnection unstable” warning until this week.

nothing has changed my side, nothing else outside of zwift is having issues with my internet connection.

it is really really annoying and hopefully someone from zwift will read this and it can be investigated.

I had similar recently but not in the past few rides.

Did you lose all avatars around you or only some? I only lost some immediately around me but not all.

What about the Riders Nearby data? I lost my placing in the event but all other data on that list was constantly updating as normal (time ahead/behind, their w/kg).

@shooj This seems to be a more and more common issue with the recent update. Any chance to move this to the ‘Bugs’ topic or, even better, the ‘Known Issues’ topic? I know that I would love to see some action on this, as it is becoming increasingly frustrating for me, personally.


I’ll second that.

Even if someone just acknowledged it that’d be a start

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@Chris_Holton: I just looked back to the few activities I’ve done in the past week that gave me the ‘connection unstable’ message (all of which resulted in Zwift eventually crashing completely) and noted that ALL of them were in Makuri. I rode the same setup tonight (Neo 2, iPad, Garmin Dual HRM, WiFi) in France and had no issues at all.

Any chance your issues are also isolated to Makuri?

yes, only in Makuri/Urukazi for me

I’ve had other worlds, I wonder if it is world’s the are on rotation or have tour de zwift rides on so they’d have lots of other riders

Hello Chris, thanks for reaching out and I feel your pain. Never had the problem until recent update. It’s weird my fault comes up within 2 minutes which just seems to regular to be a WiFi drop out. No other applications in the home are affected just the Zwift app. But Zwift response are trying to imply It’s my WiFi. Very frustrating!

Hello James & appreciate you reaching out.

Yes appears my situation is exactly the same as you experienced.

Out of interest what was the fault or cured it self?

Currently riding now and so far no warnings.

I’ve not changed anything

Morning Chris. That’s interesting I done test earlier also no problems. Tried Makuri and Watopia 4 mins each. I’m just wondering if when more users log on & use the fault will re appear.

Forget previous hopefull comment. Just tried and got fault.

Speed on WiFi is downloading 65

I rode for over an hour this morning with no issues at all. I was in Makuri too.

I know correlation isn’t causation and all but my problems all started when Makuri was the stage for tour de zwift and ended as soon as it wasn’t.

I wonder if thousands of people in group rides around makuri which is know to be the worst for game performance and having to capture positions relative to thousands of others which will be constantly changing was too much for Zwifts servers?

Only other thing is that i disabled One Drive today, my other thought is that zwift is saving a load more data locally while riding now and one drive is trying to sync this so uploading and download a lot of data at the same time makes the connection fall over?

Ive just had this issue whilst riding in the WTRL TTT, started off fine but then within a few minutes of the ride starting my team were telling me i had dropped off the back yet on my screen i was riding in the middle of the team and the position indicator on the top of the riders list was changing from a number to – every 5-10 seconds and even after a router restart it carried on for the rest of the 1 hour ride.

Today I rode the Makuri stage 7. It didn’t say that I lost connection, my fellow riders just left. The scheme on the right did strange things, showing passing people by minutes (and having the ±times above me.) I did save the ride, it is on Strava, but it didn’t register as stage 7. I have to do it again I guess (or ride Scotland twice to end my Tour de Zwift.)

Interesting Sam & feel your pain.

I can’t get any contact to Zwift.

Live chat appears not to work and no uk number